Every day, 1 in 5 people live with a mental health condition (according to SAMHSA and the WHO).

Every day, 1 in 3 people have trouble sleeping, which compromises their ability to engage in work, play, and relationships (LeBlanc et al., 2007).

Every day, we lose more than 250 people to diseases of despair (like suicide or substance misuse), which is equivalent to a 747 plane crashing every day (CDC, 2018).

Qntfy is a mission-driven organization, working every day to improve the world around us. We were founded to change the paradigm in mental health and wellbeing — to bring data to bear on a field that has struggled tremendously for decades. Every day, people are challenged by mental illness and every day we are working to better understand it and be better equipped to improve it. Our core values emerge from this pursuit and have shaped our company and our approach to progress.

At Qntfy, we Care Deliberately and Empower Ourselves and Others.

Our core behavior is to Care Deliberately about ourselves and the people around us. This means that we aim to solve the strategic problems even when it doesn’t align with the quick win. Our work in suicide prevention, for example, is aimed at what is scalable and long-term effective — preventing a person from reaching crisis instead of waiting to focus all our energy on helping them once they are there. Caring deliberately requires thought before action and applying energy where it is most effective — often that means ignoring the quick feel-good win. Qntfy attacks Wicked Problems, which are only solved through pragmatic, iterative, compounding experimentation. That takes deliberate effort and dedication to combining the latest science, clever implementation, and honest assessment.

We work every day to empower ourselves and others to attack these Wicked Problems. We don’t stop at designing technology, but follow through with implementation in the real world. Technology in isolation does not change lives, only through integration with humans and the complex social systems in which they are used can we have true impact. Qntfy’s technology empowers humans every day — our clients make better decisions with better information. Every day, our path to mission impact is made easier by deliberate choices to empower ourselves. Along with that, we realize that we can’t solve the big challenges in mental health if we sacrifice our own — so we take care of ourselves and our colleagues deliberately.

In 2015, when Qntfy was founded, remote work was still not widely adopted, but it was clear that the people we wanted to work with did not want to uproot themselves from their communities in order to live in the same place. This was one of the earliest strategic choices we made, and we don’t regret the effort that went into giving ourselves permission to work this way. Now we all wake up every day where we want to live, and still attack these Wicked Problems together. This flexibility has let us bring together an incredible team that could never live their best lives in a single geographic location.

We are deeply grateful to the people who have been part of this journey. Nearly everyone we encounter is incredibly supportive of our mission. We firmly believe this is because everyone cares about mental health, which is another way of saying that everyone likely has both direct and indirect experience with human psychological suffering, and they believe there is more that can be done to alleviate it.

Qntfy believes so too, and we are working on it. Every. Day.

We will get there, but it’s going to take all of us.

Author: Glen Coppersmith, PhD. Founder & CEO, Qntfy

Understanding Behavior Through Data